Have you seen my mojo?

“Help! I lost my MOJO!”

Who’s been there before? I know I have.  Life is busy, and getting busier.  It’s easy to keep your mind occupied all the time, and the U.S. happens to have no formal paid vacation policy.  So what’s the big deal?  It’s quite simple.  Finding that mental and physical state where creativity flows is nearly impossible when your brain is stretched thin and stressed out.

have you seen my mojo?

Relaxation is key to reaching a place in your mind where you can begin to build a creative energy and allow your creative mojo to flow!  Relaxation is not only good for your mind- it can help to improve your physical state as well, which in turn will allow your brain to relax, which in turn will… well you get the picture.  It’s all a big cycle!  If you can’t get to this place today, tomorrow, or even next week: DON’T DESPAIR.  Instead, watch this video below.

Finding your mojo and fueling your own creativity has no real end, it’s a process, and it’s ever evolving.  What fuels you today might not be what fuels you tomorrow.  That’s what inspiration is all about.

I leave you with a proposition: completely unplug this Labor Day weekend, and to do so every day, even if you can only manage to do so for an hour.  Turn off your cell phone, computer, tv, and just be.

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