Riddle Me This.

Get your brains ready! This Friday’s creative challenge is a Riddle-Me-This battle of the words.

Unscramble the ten words below:

  1. AOEPR
  3. YPTRA
  4. ATNIR
  6. OMNO
  8. GFDEU
  10. EWART

Word Scrambles are a great brain workout because they force you to move beyond what you think is the first solution.  Ever do one of these and you just keep seeing the same word over and over knowing it’s not correct because it doesn’t use all the letters?  Well, this happens to us often in the real world as well.  When you are working on solving a problem or managing a big project, remember this:  the first right answer might not be the best answer.  Sometimes shifting our perception and taking another angle can lead us to the fifth or sixth right answer, which might just be the best solution.

Good Luck!

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