Stimulate your mind

It’s Friday! Time for a creative challenge.  

pugtato's creative challenge

A great way to kick off your weekend is to give your brain a little workout.  This week, your challenge is to write down which word in each pair is a type of flower.

Try to do this in 1 minute.

Ready… Set…GO!


1) Hydrangea/Hyena

2) Dragon root/ Dracaena

3) Witches Brew/ Witch Hazel

4) Pine/Petunia

5) Carnation/Carabiniers

6) Periwinkle/Pericranium

7) Marionette/Marigold

8) Wolfbanes/Wolframite

9) Busy Lizzy/Liverwort

10) Komodo Dragon/Snap Dragon

See you next week!

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