Riding the roller coaster!

We’ve been riding a roller coaster here at PUGTATO HEADQUARTERS and it has been a really exciting one: my husband and I welcomed our first child to the family a few weeks ago!  We are learning new things every day, and let’s just say that being a parent requires no end to your creative juices. (However, said juices are quite tired these days and seem more like fumes!)

I’ve got a number of posts on a variety of topics all jumbled up in my brain waiting to be hashed out.  Sometimes they come to me at 3 AM when I’m up feeding the baby, or at a red light when I’m listening to the radio.  My trusty iPhone keeps the list for me so I can remember them when I have time to write.  One post that I am really looking forward to getting out to you guys is about a favorite topic of mine, patient experience.  My stay in the hospital post c-section was my first extended over night experience in a hospital, and I was pleasantly surprised by the overall experience.  It is definitely worthy of a PUGTATO shout-out.

So stay tuned: while my posts may be few and far between for the next couple of months, they will be coming!

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