Gifts That Give Hope

Breast Care for Washington is  proudly featured in this year’s “Gifts that Give Hope” alternative gift fair.  The fair is an opportunity to shop for meaningful gifts this holiday season, with gifts starting as low as $5.  Alternative gifts are donations to 15 local non-profits, and a card is provided that tells the recipient what was given in their honor.

This holiday season you have an opportunity to teach children about giving back and helping those less fortunate who are probably not on anyone’s gift list this year. In my family it is not uncommon to receive gifts like this! My little cousin received an alternative gift of a chicken that lays eggs for a family in Africa last year.  She was totally wow’ed by this gift and is learning about giving back the real way: by watching her parents doing it. If you can’t make the fair, please visit the Gifts that Give Hope online shop which is always open!

Gifts that benefit Breast Care for Washington are as follows:

  • Gowns for 3 uninsured women receiving mammograms at our facility
  • 1 week of gas for the Mammomobile
  • A mammogram for an uninsured woman

Gifts that Give hope arlington Breast Care for Washington DC holiday shopping non profits

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