Drowning in Pink: An Update

My recent piece, Drowning in Pink has been received with great interest and so I’d like to provide an update today on the situation.

First lets rewind to refresh our memories:

  1. 2/21/2014, METAvivor contacted Kohl’s regarding it’s very obvious adaptation of the METAvivor’s campaign, “Elephant in the Pink Room,” with request for the campaign to be stopped.
  2. 2/27/2014, conversation happened between Kohl’s and METAvivor.
  3. Kohl’s refuses to remove the copy-cat campaign and instead puts a little blurb about metastatic breast cancer on its website.
  4. Date unknown. METAvivor receives correspondence from Susan G. Komen President that they have no intention of stopping the campaign.
  5. 3/10/2014. After what is now, weeks of outrage among the breast cancer community, there is no resolution.  Social media and the blogosphere continue to demand for accountability from Kohl’s/SGK.

I support METAvivor

Today’s update:

March 10, 2014.  METAvivor has retained pro-bono legal counsel from the law firm of Carlton Fields Jorden Burt, P.A.  This means ZERO dollars of the money that METAvivor has raised will have to go towards defending their intellectual property, and 100% of all the funds METAvivor has raised will continue to go towards funding research and grants for metastatic breast cancer.

I support METAvivor and I hope you do too.  I am saddened that patients and the excellent folks at METAvivor have had to deal with the distraction of Kohl’s/SGK’s shenanigans. Moreover, I am saddened that their mission and devotion to this specific group of patients could ever be perceived as anything less than honorable. Not everyone shares the same perspective I do, in fact if you check out METAvivor’s Facebook page you will see a few callous and uneducated comments from the general public that are mind-blowing.  For more on this topic head over to Regrounding and read her latest post. This Kohl’s/Komen debacle is nothing but an energy suck and a drain on all the good work that METAvivor has done and continues to do.

I will ask you, again.  Share this story, tell your friends.  Tweet Komen and Kohl’s using #talkpink and tell them what you think.  Stay tuned, as I am sure there is more to come.

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