Social Media Management Tools: because time is precious.

Managing multiple social media channels, keeping content up to date and not spending ALL your time furiously trying to keep up can be done.  I assure you of this.  Today there are many great social media management tools available that can help with curating content, sparking new ideas, managing communities and keeping you sane.

Recently, I connected with Chris Makara, an interactive marketing and digital strategist. Chris asked me to participate in a publication regarding social media management.  The post went live yesterday and is full of goodies for anyone interested in making the most of their social media accounts and streamlining their efforts.

Chris asked us all one question:

“If you could use only 3 tools for social media management, which 3 tools would you use?”

To see what I chose, head on over to Chris’ post over at “100+ experts reveal their favorite social media management tools” and scroll down to my contribution!  In addition to the great post, you can also download a free PDF of all the tools recommended by our panel. Many thanks to Chris for reaching out and including my thoughts on this social media management panel publication!

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