World Cancer Day: “Not Beyond Us”

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Greetings from Las Vegas, NV!  PUGTATO is on travel this week and this is a quick post to tell you about a wonderful global event taking place today. (Sorry East Coasters, I know the day is almost over. The time change caught up with me!) February 4, 2015 is World Cancer Day.  World Cancer Day … Continue reading World Cancer Day: “Not Beyond Us”

An Open Letter to Oncology Sales Professionals

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Congratulations.  You made it. You have become part of an exclusive club: you are an Oncology Sales Professional. Most likely, you've been in medical sales for a while.  You knew you always wanted to be in Oncology.  You enjoy a more clinical sale, you are not afraid of a challenge and you are over being a … Continue reading An Open Letter to Oncology Sales Professionals

Now is a critical time.

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Breast Care for Washington has been open for six months.  During this time we have succeeded in providing care to all patients that have come through our doors, regardless of ability to pay. We are the only provider of breast cancer screening, diagnostics and patient navigation to treatment, regardless of ability to pay, East of … Continue reading Now is a critical time.

Six Family Health History Resources


What you know can save you. Family health history is information about diseases that run in your family and other factors like diet and lifestyle that may affect your family's health. Knowing this information can help you and your physician partner together to develop a personalized health management plan. In fact, you may be able to … Continue reading Six Family Health History Resources

Top Cancer Genetics Programs to AARP: Medical Interventions extend the life of BRCA carriers

Top cancer genetics programs to AARP: medical interventions prolong life for BRCA carriers

Healthcare misinformation leads to fear, avoidance and worse medical outcomes for patients, even if intentions were good. Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge and poor editing led to a published article by AARP that has produced great outrage among BRCA carriers, patient advocacy groups and the physicians who work tirelessly for these patients. Today I want to … Continue reading Top Cancer Genetics Programs to AARP: Medical Interventions extend the life of BRCA carriers

Missed opportunities: celebrities are not doctors.

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One of the most challenging parts of my job is the misinformation that surrounds hereditary cancer and the celebrities who add to the problem. Celebrities have a large platform from which they can loudly and publicly share their views.  Often times fans and the general public take celebrity views as scientific, medical truth.  Case in point … Continue reading Missed opportunities: celebrities are not doctors.

The Cost of Not Doing: The Neuroscience of Engagement

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This week we'll do a very basic overview of how underlying brain structures and biochemistry shape the way we behave to better understand why we don't always do the things we should do, related to our health, even when we know we're making suboptimal choices. I know you've been there.  You have the choice between … Continue reading The Cost of Not Doing: The Neuroscience of Engagement

Design Thinking for Patient Engagement

design thinking for patient engagement

Design thinking.  It's the "it" buzzword these days, but what does it mean for healthcare and patient engagement? Design thinking is human centered. Design thinking is synonymous with the firm IDEO, a global design consultancy.  Week three of Stanford's Patient Engagement class was "Design Thinking for Patient Engagement" lead by Dennis Boyle.  Mr. Boyle is a … Continue reading Design Thinking for Patient Engagement