Patient Support Groups Matter

Breast Cancer Patient Support Groups

One of the unique phenomenons of cancer patient care is the cancer patient support group.  Not that other disease states don't have these groups, but cancer patient support groups are generally very well attended.  Patients connect with other patients and life long mentor/mentee and friend relationships develop at these groups. Tonight I'm off  to attend … Continue reading Patient Support Groups Matter

All I wanted was a belly rub.

PUGTATO cancer diagnosis

Until recently I've never been on the patient side of the table when it comes to receiving a cancer diagnosis. That all changed when my little guy, Otis, developed a weird bump on his chest.  He has very sensitive skin so we watched the bump come and go for a while probably six months or so. … Continue reading All I wanted was a belly rub.

Grandma doesn’t always know best.

Cultural barriers and disparities in cancer care

Turns out cancer is not contagious, breast-feeding does not cause breast cancer, surgery treatment for breast cancer won't cause disease spread, and men can, in fact, get breast cancer.    Grandma might have passed down some incorrect information over the years. Today's discussion will focus mainly on breast cancer.  Studies have shown that racial and ethnic minority … Continue reading Grandma doesn’t always know best.