EHR handcuffs: Let Doctors be Doctors.

EHR, EMR, HealthIT, let doctors be doctors

EHR has been a topic of interest for me for a long time, and was one of the topics I chose to research in depth during my MBA. Five years ago we were half a decade away from the 2015 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act deadline that would penalize providers for not having adopted an … Continue reading EHR handcuffs: Let Doctors be Doctors.

What if we tipped doctors?

would you tip your physician?

The delivery of healthcare is going through a paradigm shift.  Access to information has grown tremendously with widespread availability of the internet and outpouring of social media outlets.  More than ever, patients have the opportunity to take better ownership of their care.  The rise of high deductible health plans and the shift to consumer's pockets has lead patients to … Continue reading What if we tipped doctors?