Riddle Me This.

Riddle Me This

Get your brains ready! This Friday's creative challenge is a Riddle-Me-This battle of the words. Unscramble the ten words below: AOEPR URCATHI YPTRA ATNIR MOMTEUC OMNO ERFNRITSAO GFDEU FEOFEC EWART Word Scrambles are a great brain workout because they force you to move beyond what you think is the first solution.  Ever do one of … Continue reading Riddle Me This.

You need a new mascot


It's Friday! That means we have two full days ahead to recharge our brains. How about a little creative challenge to kick the weekend off?  This week's creative challenge is: Pick a mascot for the city where you live. What is it? Why? I chose a stork for my local mascot because the area where … Continue reading You need a new mascot