Ovarian cancer makes me angry.

ovarian cancer brca angelina jolie pugtato

Ovarian cancer makes me angry.  Symptoms are vague, which means it is often diagnosed at a late stage and there are limited therapeutic options available for treatment.  It's not fair. Let's look at the symptoms: Bloating Feeling full quickly Pain or pressure in the abdomen/pelvis Abnormal vaginal bleeding My guess is you have experienced all … Continue reading Ovarian cancer makes me angry.

Top Cancer Genetics Programs to AARP: Medical Interventions extend the life of BRCA carriers

Top cancer genetics programs to AARP: medical interventions prolong life for BRCA carriers

Healthcare misinformation leads to fear, avoidance and worse medical outcomes for patients, even if intentions were good. Unfortunately, a lack of knowledge and poor editing led to a published article by AARP that has produced great outrage among BRCA carriers, patient advocacy groups and the physicians who work tirelessly for these patients. Today I want to … Continue reading Top Cancer Genetics Programs to AARP: Medical Interventions extend the life of BRCA carriers

Missed opportunities: celebrities are not doctors.

celebrities and breast cancer brca genetic testing

One of the most challenging parts of my job is the misinformation that surrounds hereditary cancer and the celebrities who add to the problem. Celebrities have a large platform from which they can loudly and publicly share their views.  Often times fans and the general public take celebrity views as scientific, medical truth.  Case in point … Continue reading Missed opportunities: celebrities are not doctors.

Who would work for Myriad Genetics?

pugtato who would work for myriad genetics brca genes

As we close out the 2013 year, I am re-blogging my most viewed post from 2013, which is actually my most viewed post of all time.  It is my perspective of working for Myriad Genetics. I hope my message hits home this holiday season: that doing our best for others, every day, will never go … Continue reading Who would work for Myriad Genetics?


Currently, I work for Myriad Genetic Laboratories, and if you haven't heard of Myriad this summer, I would be surprised. This past June, the Supreme Court ruled that five of Myriad's claims covering isolated DNA were not patent eligible. Regardless of the decision, Myriad has more than 500 valid and enforceable claims in 24 different … Continue reading Committed.

I was there: The Supreme Court Oral Arguments on Gene Patents.

myriad gene patent hearing

Living in Washington, D.C. means I am fortunate to be close to a lot of interesting moments in American History.  This past Monday was no exception.  Monday, April 15th, the oral arguments were held for the Association of Molecular Pathology (lead by the ACLU) vs. Myriad Genetics. The hearing challenged some of Myriad's patents related … Continue reading I was there: The Supreme Court Oral Arguments on Gene Patents.

Patient Support Groups Matter

Breast Cancer Patient Support Groups

One of the unique phenomenons of cancer patient care is the cancer patient support group.  Not that other disease states don't have these groups, but cancer patient support groups are generally very well attended.  Patients connect with other patients and life long mentor/mentee and friend relationships develop at these groups. Tonight I'm off  to attend … Continue reading Patient Support Groups Matter