Are you there, Pharma? It’s me, Liz. Part One: Listening and Acting

Are you there, Pharma? It's me, Liz.

As an ex-pharma veteran, I have experienced first hand, the challenges that Big Pharma faces as it struggles to figure out how to compete in a radically changing healthcare system.  This mini series focuses on some changes that I would love to see in the industry, and quite frankly, changes that are necessary if Pharma … Continue reading Are you there, Pharma? It’s me, Liz. Part One: Listening and Acting

Medicine X: The Future of Health Care Delivery.

I think I may have just found the coolest most forward thinking medical conference, ever: Stanford's Medicine X conference.  If you are not familiar, here's a very small preview of what this conference is all about: "Medicine X is about the future of medicine and health care.  It is about how social media and information … Continue reading Medicine X: The Future of Health Care Delivery.

Grandma doesn’t always know best.

Cultural barriers and disparities in cancer care

Turns out cancer is not contagious, breast-feeding does not cause breast cancer, surgery treatment for breast cancer won't cause disease spread, and men can, in fact, get breast cancer.    Grandma might have passed down some incorrect information over the years. Today's discussion will focus mainly on breast cancer.  Studies have shown that racial and ethnic minority … Continue reading Grandma doesn’t always know best.

Team Oncology vs. Cancer: The World Series

Team Oncology: the world series of care

Cancer.  Nobody wants to hear that they have it.  A  cancer diagnosis is an emotional moment.  It often  carries connotations of fear, anxiety and thoughts of the worst possible scenarios.    Cancer is not a single disease.  It's different for every patient, and thankfully, we're learning more about it everyday.  Cancer patients have an entire team, "Team … Continue reading Team Oncology vs. Cancer: The World Series

What if we tipped doctors?

would you tip your physician?

The delivery of healthcare is going through a paradigm shift.  Access to information has grown tremendously with widespread availability of the internet and outpouring of social media outlets.  More than ever, patients have the opportunity to take better ownership of their care.  The rise of high deductible health plans and the shift to consumer's pockets has lead patients to … Continue reading What if we tipped doctors?