Currently, I work for Myriad Genetic Laboratories, and if you haven't heard of Myriad this summer, I would be surprised. This past June, the Supreme Court ruled that five of Myriad's claims covering isolated DNA were not patent eligible. Regardless of the decision, Myriad has more than 500 valid and enforceable claims in 24 different … Continue reading Committed.

Healthcare Marketing Plans of the Future

Healthcare Marketing Plans of the Future

An update here from PUGTATO-LAND.  What's keeping me busy?  I've been working on some exciting marketing campaigns for Breast Care for Washington, I finished the first segment of a three part course given by the Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development on Healthcare Marketing and Communications Strategies, and Angelina Jolie's announcement of having tested positive for … Continue reading Healthcare Marketing Plans of the Future

The Tale of Two Brands: How to get it right and how to fail miserably

PUGTATO branding marketing blogging

The tale of two brands.  Today I want to share with you two tales. One will make your heart sing and hopefully make you cheer.  The second is a sad tale, one that will leave you wanting more. The first is of a company founded in 2007 that has focused on its employees, its consumer … Continue reading The Tale of Two Brands: How to get it right and how to fail miserably

Social Media Etiquette: Three Tips

The tale of Two Brands and 3 tips for Social Media Etiquette

ME! LOOK AT ME! OUR BRAND IS AWESOME! MY PERSONAL BRAND IS AWESOME! IT'S ALL ABOUT ME! If this is your current social media branding strategy, it is time for a change, and this is the article for you. Social media can be a drool inducing outlet for marketers today.  Unobstructed access to the masses … Continue reading Social Media Etiquette: Three Tips

Getting my mojo on.

pugtato: getting my mojo on. career development

After finishing my MBA at the Smith School in 2011, my brain (and my soul) needed a little detox. Being me, I finished the three year part-time MBA program in two years, while working full time. Mind you, the curriculum and expectations are exactly the same for part-time students as for full-time students, and Smith … Continue reading Getting my mojo on.

What the $@#! is a hashtag, anyways?

What the !#$@% is a hashtag? pugtato

Alright. It's here. PUGTATO's really easy Hashtag 101.  I've gotten a lot of questions about hashtags and how to use them.  Here we go! Hashtags are one word or multiword groups preceded by a the poundsign, aka, the hashtag.  You can use just one word or you can string multiple words together. Essentially, hashtags create a … Continue reading What the $@#! is a hashtag, anyways?

Musings of an ex-pharma rep.

hope for big pharma

I'm hesitant to post this one.  Today many of my hardworking, dedicated former colleagues at Lilly will find out they no longer have a job.  I believe some of this could have been avoided. To Lilly's credit, it has made tremendous efforts to keep as many sales people as it could over the years while … Continue reading Musings of an ex-pharma rep.

What’s social media got to do with it? Getting started with a compliant healthcare social media strategy.

Social Media in Healthcare, physician social media strategy

What's social media got to do with it?  I see patients.  That's my job.  Sound familiar? The role of today's physician is ever-expanding and constantly evolving. It's a role that I would argue benefits from including a social media presence, and physician buy-in regarding social media's necessity is growing. There's a revolution taking place online and … Continue reading What’s social media got to do with it? Getting started with a compliant healthcare social media strategy.