The Cost of Not Doing: The Neuroscience of Engagement

patient engagement neurobiology medx

This week we'll do a very basic overview of how underlying brain structures and biochemistry shape the way we behave to better understand why we don't always do the things we should do, related to our health, even when we know we're making suboptimal choices. I know you've been there.  You have the choice between … Continue reading The Cost of Not Doing: The Neuroscience of Engagement

Design Thinking for Patient Engagement

design thinking for patient engagement

Design thinking.  It's the "it" buzzword these days, but what does it mean for healthcare and patient engagement? Design thinking is human centered. Design thinking is synonymous with the firm IDEO, a global design consultancy.  Week three of Stanford's Patient Engagement class was "Design Thinking for Patient Engagement" lead by Dennis Boyle.  Mr. Boyle is a … Continue reading Design Thinking for Patient Engagement

Free Access to Medicine X 2014!

Medicine X

That's right. You have an option to register for live, online access to a number of the sessions at Medicine X through Medicine X's Global Access Program, September 5-7th. It won't give you access to the breakouts, but you will get access to the conference plenary proceedings, live photos and other updates to your phone, tablet … Continue reading Free Access to Medicine X 2014!

Getting Patient Experience Right.

patient experience pugtato

Ever left your doctor's office and felt frustrated, irritated and generally annoyed?  I think we all have. Today I'd like to talk a bit about patient experience, and tell a story that highlights a practice that I think is getting it right. Patient experience is not just your interaction with your healthcare provider.  To me, … Continue reading Getting Patient Experience Right.

Medicine X: The Future of Health Care Delivery.

I think I may have just found the coolest most forward thinking medical conference, ever: Stanford's Medicine X conference.  If you are not familiar, here's a very small preview of what this conference is all about: "Medicine X is about the future of medicine and health care.  It is about how social media and information … Continue reading Medicine X: The Future of Health Care Delivery.