Getting my mojo on.

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After finishing my MBA at the Smith School in 2011, my brain (and my soul) needed a little detox. Being me, I finished the three year part-time MBA program in two years, while working full time. Mind you, the curriculum and expectations are exactly the same for part-time students as for full-time students, and Smith … Continue reading Getting my mojo on.

A lesson in personal branding: hiding online is no longer an option.

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Today I want to take a moment to talk about some of the changes in perception of an online persona.  There used to be this school of thought that when someone googled you, it was best to have nothing pop up. While this means that nothing potentially negative would pop up in search results,  unfortunately, … Continue reading A lesson in personal branding: hiding online is no longer an option.

What the $@#! is a hashtag, anyways?

What the !#$@% is a hashtag? pugtato

Alright. It's here. PUGTATO's really easy Hashtag 101.  I've gotten a lot of questions about hashtags and how to use them.  Here we go! Hashtags are one word or multiword groups preceded by a the poundsign, aka, the hashtag.  You can use just one word or you can string multiple words together. Essentially, hashtags create a … Continue reading What the $@#! is a hashtag, anyways?

Musings of an ex-pharma rep.

hope for big pharma

I'm hesitant to post this one.  Today many of my hardworking, dedicated former colleagues at Lilly will find out they no longer have a job.  I believe some of this could have been avoided. To Lilly's credit, it has made tremendous efforts to keep as many sales people as it could over the years while … Continue reading Musings of an ex-pharma rep.

Good luck, Inc.

Hello PUGTATO readers! Guess where I am creating this post from? The sky! Yep, that's right. I'm headed back to the states after a lovely winter get away to Mexico. Spending the past few days with limited access to social media and blogging was a challenge, and I am itching at the touchscreen to get … Continue reading Good luck, Inc.

I have super powers.

Creative Revolution to the rescue!

PUGTATO readers: this is it. Today you will discover your very own super power! Ever watch those movies like Iron Man or Xmen and wish, "Couldn't I have a super power, just for one day?" Well, it turns out you might actually already have a super power and not know it!  I believe everyone has … Continue reading I have super powers.