Design Thinking for Patient Engagement

design thinking for patient engagement

Design thinking.  It's the "it" buzzword these days, but what does it mean for healthcare and patient engagement? Design thinking is human centered. Design thinking is synonymous with the firm IDEO, a global design consultancy.  Week three of Stanford's Patient Engagement class was "Design Thinking for Patient Engagement" lead by Dennis Boyle.  Mr. Boyle is a … Continue reading Design Thinking for Patient Engagement

New hope in HER-2 Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer

Hope for metastatic breast cancer patients

Last week marked a very exciting moment for anyone with any involvement in breast cancer patient care, including, and especially, for breast cancer patients.  On February 22 2013, the FDA approved Kadcyla, a new treatment for HER-2 positive metastatic breast cancer. Kadcyla was formerly known to many in the cancer world as T-DM1 and has … Continue reading New hope in HER-2 Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer

Big Pharma 2013. Will we see real commitment to change?

big pharma pugtato creativity

2013 needs to be a year of major, actionable change in pharma.

I am also writing about creativity squashers in Big Pharma in my mini-series “Are you there, Pharma? It’s me, Liz.”


The familiar rituals of festive celebration can be a comfort to many, and prudent hosts remember that such occasions are not a time for innovation. Family, friends and guests are more likely to enjoy the shared pleasures of participating in a ritual’s traditions than they are to be craving diversion from its norms.

However, beyond a certain point the appeal of the familiar can quickly wane. Not only can we have a surfeit of convention; we can also become thoroughly nauseated by it.

Reviewing some of the customary ‘New Year’s predictions for pharma’ posts on returning to my desk this week, I felt more than a little queasy (this post by Digitally Sick colleague Alex Butler being a notable exception).

Unlike the celebrations that precede it, the New Year is a time to take a fresh look at the problems that confront us, not merely to resume…

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Are you there Pharma? It’s me, Liz. Part two: What’s Killing Creativity in Big Pharma Sales Forces?

Big Pharma Business Model squashing creativity

Welcome back to the second post in my series, "Are you there Pharma? It's me, Liz."   This series identifies creative thinking squashers in Pharma and suggests strategic changes that will help Big Pharma to improve its business model, in hopes of radically changing the way Pharma goes about its business.  The first post discussed … Continue reading Are you there Pharma? It’s me, Liz. Part two: What’s Killing Creativity in Big Pharma Sales Forces?