Drowning in Pink: An Update

kohl's komen metavivor

My recent piece, Drowning in Pink has been received with great interest and so I'd like to provide an update today on the situation. First lets rewind to refresh our memories: 2/21/2014, METAvivor contacted Kohl's regarding it's very obvious adaptation of the METAvivor's campaign, "Elephant in the Pink Room," with request for the campaign to … Continue reading Drowning in Pink: An Update

New hope in HER-2 Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer

Hope for metastatic breast cancer patients

Last week marked a very exciting moment for anyone with any involvement in breast cancer patient care, including, and especially, for breast cancer patients.  On February 22 2013, the FDA approved Kadcyla, a new treatment for HER-2 positive metastatic breast cancer. Kadcyla was formerly known to many in the cancer world as T-DM1 and has … Continue reading New hope in HER-2 Positive Metastatic Breast Cancer

Stimulate your mind

pugtato's creative challenge

It's Friday! Time for a creative challenge.   A great way to kick off your weekend is to give your brain a little workout.  This week, your challenge is to write down which word in each pair is a type of flower. Try to do this in 1 minute. Ready... Set...GO!   1) Hydrangea/Hyena 2) … Continue reading Stimulate your mind

Good luck, Inc.

Hello PUGTATO readers! Guess where I am creating this post from? The sky! Yep, that's right. I'm headed back to the states after a lovely winter get away to Mexico. Spending the past few days with limited access to social media and blogging was a challenge, and I am itching at the touchscreen to get … Continue reading Good luck, Inc.

PUGTATO reaches over 1000 Creativity Fanatics in 4 months!

It's a good day here at PUGTATO HQ.  As of last night, PUGTATO hit a milestone, reaching over 1000 creativity fanatics!  I am thrilled! Thank you to all who have read PUGTATO, commented and reached out to me. I look forward to our time together in 2013.  Get ready to see what's hot in health … Continue reading PUGTATO reaches over 1000 Creativity Fanatics in 4 months!

Are you there, Pharma? It’s me, Liz. Part 3: making real change in 2013

Part 3: Making change happen in the pharmaceutical industry in 2013

Welcome to the final entry in my mini-series "Are you there, Pharma? It's me, Liz," about creativity squashers in the pharmaceutical industry. Part one included a short overview of the uncertainty this industry is facing and a decree for strategic integration of social strategies.  It also suggested that pharma must begin to, "Listen and Act." Part two … Continue reading Are you there, Pharma? It’s me, Liz. Part 3: making real change in 2013

When I stopped wearing heels.

Why I stopped wearing heels. Pugtato

I never wear heels.  I mean, never. They are banned from my wardrobe. No big deal, right? Think again. Turns out that there is this underlying cultural norm that we American women are taught from a very young age: heels are empowering.  Want to look good? Wear your heels.  Want to look professional? Wear your … Continue reading When I stopped wearing heels.