Gifts That Give Hope

holiday shopping alternative gift fair washington dc breast care for washington

Breast Care for Washington is  proudly featured in this year's "Gifts that Give Hope" alternative gift fair.  The fair is an opportunity to shop for meaningful gifts this holiday season, with gifts starting as low as $5.  Alternative gifts are donations to 15 local non-profits, and a card is provided that tells the recipient what … Continue reading Gifts That Give Hope

When I stopped wearing heels.

Why I stopped wearing heels. Pugtato

I never wear heels.  I mean, never. They are banned from my wardrobe. No big deal, right? Think again. Turns out that there is this underlying cultural norm that we American women are taught from a very young age: heels are empowering.  Want to look good? Wear your heels.  Want to look professional? Wear your … Continue reading When I stopped wearing heels.