Team Oncology vs. Cancer: The World Series

Team Oncology: the world series of care

Cancer.  Nobody wants to hear that they have it.  A  cancer diagnosis is an emotional moment.  It often  carries connotations of fear, anxiety and thoughts of the worst possible scenarios.    Cancer is not a single disease.  It's different for every patient, and thankfully, we're learning more about it everyday.  Cancer patients have an entire team, "Team … Continue reading Team Oncology vs. Cancer: The World Series

Tart and Sweet.

tart and sweet

Tart and Sweet. That's how I'd describe working on a virtuoso team.  (more to come on virtuoso teams- stay tuned.)  If you have ever been fortunate enough to be on one of these teams you know that these teams "are utterly unique in the ambitiousness of their goals, the intensity of their conversations, the degree … Continue reading Tart and Sweet.