Potato, Pugtato

“Starting a blog?!?”

My friends asked me:

Why?  What will you talk about?  Will anyone even read it?

Why? Here’s a better question: Why not? I love giving my brain a creative workout–  finding solutions in ambiguity,  conceptualizing and making things from scratch (yes, we had a DIY wedding), learning a new skill, or opening the fridge and creating a recipe only from the ingredients that we have on hand.  To me, creative activities are a form of exercise that is just as important as hitting up your local LA Fitness.

What will I talk about? My goal with PUGTATO is simple: it’s to share things that inspire me, that fuel my creative juices, and to help others to do the same.  I’m particularly interested in exploring ways that creativity and teamwork can improve patient care and make the world a healthier place.

Will anyone even read it?  I hope so!   I’m sure there will be growing pains and bumps along the way.  That’s OK.  Getting out there, trying things, making connections and creating something is not about the first result.  It’s about what we learn along the way and how we use that information to do it better the next time.  Get ready to use your mind and collaborate: PUGTATO has arrived.

finding inspiration
What inspires you?

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