I have super powers.

PUGTATO readers: this is it. Today you will discover your very own super power!

Ever watch those movies like Iron Man or Xmen and wish, “Couldn’t I have a super power, just for one day?” Well, it turns out you might actually already have a super power and not know it!  I believe everyone has super powers.  They might not be Tony Stark flying metal suit super powers.  Or, maybe they are.  If so, I’d love to take a ride in that suit when you get a chance.

Your super power could be a cooking super power or stopping a crying baby super power. It could be a I-can-sleep-through-anything super power or the infamous morning person super power.  Perhaps some of you have a super power I long for: the directional prowess super power. [NOTE: don’t believe me when I’m driving and I say I know where I’m going.  Chances are I sort of know, but will not get there without a GPS and many utterances of the word, “oops”.]

Whatever yours is- you must celebrate your own super power and cherish that talent which you possess.

I came across a fun decision tree (ironic, I know) on finding your own marketing super power.  I think you will enjoy. I, not so surprisingly, fell into a real split between a Blogging super power and a Social Media super power. For those of you who I see regularly, and perhaps some of you readers who are getting to know me by now, you are fully aware that if I can’t write a blog post or send a tweet, I might just not make it through the day.

So tell me: which super power do you possess?

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